Stretch Marks

How to treat stretch marks without surgery using non-invasive techniques?

Stretch marks are an aesthetic problem that plague many women. While they are the ones who are most commonly affected by this skin condition, it would be false to believe that men cannot find these lesions on their skin. Stretch marks first appear in the form of purple and lilac marks. A few months later, they take on a white colour and eventually settled into small, whitish depressions in the skin. Once properly installed, it is difficult to completely remove them, but with the proper technology, it is quite possible to treat stretch marks and improve their appearance.

What causes stretch marks?

Stretch marks are usually located in areas of the skin that are under tension. These tensions can be caused by several factors like rapid weight gain. On the other hand, draconian diets causing sudden weight loss can provoke the appearance of stretch marks. For women, a pregnancy often triggers the appearance of stretch marks because the skin is stretched and undergoes tensions that it never had to endure before. A lack of collagen and elastin can also cause these skin lesions.

Treatments offered to help treat stretch marks