Drooping Eyelids

How to treat drooping eyelids without surgery using non-invasive techniques?

Beyond vision problems, sagging eyelids are an aesthetic discomfort that can undermine confidence and self-esteem. Around the eye are several muscles and layers of skin which, due to several factors, can collapse and causes a condition called drooping eyelids.

Every year, many are turning to surgical treatments which, in addition to creating a substantial expense on the part of the patient, can cause a long period of convalescence. Thankfully, people suffering from drooping eyelids can benefit greatly from safe, non-invasive treatments that do not require a rest period after surgery.

What’s causing drooping eyelids?

Drooping or heavy eyelids may be caused by several conditions. Since natural aging of the face and skin is common to all, it is often listed as the main cause of sagging skin surrounding the eyes. The muscles responsible for holding the eyelids wide open lose their strength and, over time, contribute to the problem of drooping eyelids.

Certain diseases are sometimes to blame when looking at causes of drooping eyelids. For instance, people suffering from oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy will be at greater risk of seeing their eyelids drooping, thus obstructing their vision.

The treatment offered to help treat drooping eyelids