How to treat lymphedema without surgery using non-invasive techniques?

Lymphedema is a condition characterized by a swelling caused by the accumulation of lymphatic fluid. This mass causes pain and a tightening of the skin, which brings a discomfort to all those suffering from it. This condition can affect both men and women and often appears in places where lymph nodes have been removed while a patient was undergoing cancer treatments.

What causes lymphedema?

The appearance of lymphedema is directly associated with a disorder of the lymphatic system. No longer able to circulate normally, the lymph accumulates and inflates the affected area. Women who have undergone surgery and radiation therapy following breast cancer are very likely to develop a problem with the lymphatic system as their armpit lymph nodes often have been damaged during the operation. They are therefore at risk of developing lymphedema in the armpit and arm region where they underwent surgery.


The treatment offered to treat lymphedema