Double Chin

How to reduce a double chin without surgery using non-invasive techniques ?

Without a doubt one of the most common aesthetic conditions, the double chin develops in both men and women. Characterized by adipose tissue forming in the face at chin level, it can be observed in both young and older people.

A source of discomfort for those suffering from this condition, it’s not surprising that the double chin is one of the first imperfections that we think about getting rid of! To refine the silhouette and smoothe the chin and neck area, several painless and non-invasive treatments have proven their effectiveness.

What causes a double chin?

The mass under the chin, commonly called the double chin, is due to weight gain or excess fat in the body. Contrary to popular belief, genetics do not play a particularly important role in the formation of the double chin.

While sagginess can cause a surplus of skin on the chin, the double chin is a direct cause of fat deposits or weight gain. It is therefore important to correctly identify the problem to ensure proper treatment, and this is exactly what the technicians trained by the Daniele Henkel Academy can accomplish.

Treatments offered to help reduce a double chin