Dilated Skin Pores

How to treat dilated skin pores without surgery using non-invasive techniques?

Skin pores, although tiny, are essential to your skin’s health. It is because of them that the skin can breathe, sweat and evacuate the excess of sebum. The pores also have an aesthetic value; if they become congested and obstructed, they expand and become visible. Especially seen in the chin, forehead and nose regions, dilated skin pores can be seen on all skin types, but are more often found in people with greasy skin.

What causes dilated skin pores?

Dilated skin pores are caused by the presence of impurities on the skin. For women, poor daily makeup removal is one of the most common reasons mentioned as a reason for pore obstruction. Dehydration is also a reason commonly listed for pore dilation. If you want to tighten your dilated pores and improve the texture of your skin, be aware that several non-invasive methods have proven their effectiveness.

Treatments offered to help treat dilated skin pores