Couperose and Rosacea

How to treat couperose and rosacea without surgery using non-invasive techniques?

Although its causes are still unknown, couperose and its evolution, rosacea, affect nearly 5% of the population. Whether it is in the form of redness or pimples, this skin problem can be observed in the cheeks, forehead, chin and nose regions. Characterized by a reddening of the skin, couperose and rosacea affect women more often, but is a bit more agressive when men are affected.

What’s causing couperose and rosacea?

The causes of this skin problem are still nebulous. We know, however, that physiologically, rosacea is an inflammatory problem related to the blood vessels present in the face. Although the basis of this skin condition is not known, we now know that some elements can make this skin condition look worse and increase the feeling of warmth experienced in the region affected. Exposure to UV rays, stress and sudden changes in temperature may not only make this condition appear, but also worsen its symptoms.

Treatments offered to help treat couperose and rosacea