New: Collagen Mask Box from Gemology

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  Collagen Box Gemology The Boxes collageneGemology offers you two new boxes, the “Diamond Youth and Collagen Mask Box” and the “Hydration Jade and Collagen Mask Box.” They both provide the benefits of the collagen on the skin, while complementing it with the deep hydration Jade care, or the anti-aging care through the power of Diamonds. The Collagen Mask is made of 98% of pure collagen sheets. It helps improve the texture of the skin in addition to revitalize, redensify and deeply hydrate the skin. In fact, the collagen sheets are often used to regenerate the skin of severe burns’ victims because of their moisturizing and reconstructing benefits. How does it work Collagen Mask Box (Opened)Each client has its own customized cure of 5 treatments which she leaves at your center. She may come once a week, or once a month to get her treatment. You can also suggest to her the related resale products in order for her to continue and maintain the results at home. The complete treatment is a 45 minutes cabin treatment and includes several steps in addition to hand, face and scalp massages with Gemology’s stones.

We have a related article that talks about the health benefits of collagen. And there are MANY amazing benefits.

Solution adapted to our customers Gemology Cosmetics customers: You can contact our Customer Service or your Daniele Henkel rep to order the new Collagen Mask Boxes from Gemology. Gemology Dermcontrol customers, LPG, Viora and OB: We offer you the opportunity to introduce Gemology Cosmetics within your range of services through an account opening specifically made for the Collagen Mask boxes of Gemology. Contact our customer service or your Daniele Henkel rep to have more information on this special account opening. Contact: 1(877) 585-3116 or



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