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Type III Food Hypersensitivities

In North America, more than half of people suffering with Type III food hypersensitivities (known as IgE-mediated food intolerances) do not even know the cause. Because of the delayed reaction of these allergies, the origin of the resulting chronic pain often remains undetectable by traditional methods.

Adding to the frustration of simply identifying which of these allergens could be affecting you is the fact that they relate to such a wide variety of diseases and illnesses – including chronic fatigue, colitis and Crohn’s disease, celiac disease, atopic eczema, Type 2 diabetes, insomnia, hyperactivity, arthritis and joint pain, and muscle and back pain.

The ImuPro test, developed in Germany by R-Biopharm Laboratories and administered in North America exclusively by the LSIA Medical Laboratory, is the only test available in North America that can detect Type III allergies attributable to over 270 foods as well as to additives found in many food products.

Cholesterol management and cardiovascular disease incidence

An estimated 70,000 heart attack incidences occur in Canada annually. It has been reported that 50% of people diagnosed with coronary artery disease (CAD) had normal lipid levels. Furthermore, only 30% of all heart attacks can be explained with the analytical measurement of total cholesterol quantity.

Physicians can now play a more active role in identifying, reviewing and monitoring diseases of the coronary arteries through the analysis of LDL sub-fractions by using electrophoresis. This test, originally offered by the Scientific Laboratory for Food Intolerance, remains the only diagnostic tool approved by the FDA for the analysis of LDL sub-fractions.


Type III Food Allergies: ImuPro Test

The ImuPro 300 Multit-Test System is the only test available in North America that is capable of analyzing your reactions to over 270 foods and additives. These vital data are generated from a simple blood test. Following your analysis, you will receive a booklet of personalized results, listing your reactive Type III allergenic food groups. This is an essential handbook for the patient, presented in a highly detailed format. It includes helpful general information, an encyclopedia of food types, as well as personalized recipes appropriate to your hyper-sensitivities. By following the recommendations of your report’s results, you will soon see rapid improvements in your general health – or even the disappearance of certain chronic ailments.

After reading some information about the delayed food sensitivities, I realize that I was experiencing several symptoms associated with food sensitivities. For couple years I have lived with fatigue, was sluggish, felt that there was a "cloud" in my head, I had difficulty to concentrate or focus, I also had some joint pain and headaches - I just didn't feel well.

I proceeded with the IMU PRO 300 test.

Around the tenth day of the avoidance phase (eliminating all the foods that I was reactive to) the "cloud" lifted out of my head! As I continued on the diet, I experienced a feeling of overall wellness that I hadn't felt for many years, my energy increased dramatically. I don't feel sluggish anymore, my overall outlook on life has also improved! The benefits of this diet for me were not only physical but emotional as well. I feel more relaxed, stress is less of an issue with me now and I'm not as restless were anxious as I used to be.

As I began to experience some of the symptoms that I had lived with before, it's easy to make the decision to eliminate those foods from my diet for good.

Although it has been tough, I found the benefits to be well worth the effort, sacrifice and discipline. For me, it's not just the couple week diet - it has become a lifestyle change! I encourage you to have the IMUPRO test done if your health-care professional is advising you to take it.

It may be difficult but it's well worth the effort!


Analysis of LDL Sub-Fractions

The analysis of LDL sub-fractions produces a lipoprotein profile of each patient that is easy to interpret effectively. This system shows the distribution of lipoproteins and cholesterol concentration of each patient’s rendered fraction, and then compares this to a normal lipoprotein profile. Accredited by the FDA (U.S. Food & Drug Administration) for the separation and analysis of fractions, including the sub-fractions of lipoproteins, this diagnostic test can display reference values based on the guidelines stipulated by the National Cholesterol Adult Education Program Treatment Panel (NCEP ATP III). The test also allows for the identification of the values situated well above the current reference value norms. The screening test includes a therapeutic decision-rendering process and the monitoring of lipid disorders associated with risk of coronary heart disease, and is backed by a fully reimbursable option (CPT code: 83716).